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Premium scented candle factory in Bruges. Specialising in private label, corporate gifts and refilling scented candles.

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Scented candles of the highest quality.

Unique design jars.

At Charlies Candles, you invest in beautiful and timeless design pots. Brighten up your interior with beautiful pots in different materials. Any type, colour or design is possible.

Ecological materials

We use only the best materials that are also good for the environment, and you can tell. For example, we are one of the only ones in Europe to specialise in rapeseed wax.

Delicious, long-lasting fragrances.

Thanks to our quality guarantee, you can be sure of luxurious fragrances to please any nose. Thanks to the high-quality fragrance oils, the scent spreads slowly and lingers wonderfully long. At least 40 burning hours guaranteed.

We make your candles.

As a full-service partner, we are happy to bring your scented candle project to a successful conclusion. From design, production to packaging services - you can always call on our service.

in Bruges.

Charlies Candles was created as a hobby project by Charlotte Lagae. For years, she had been bitten by the craft and perfection of candle casting. In her small workshop, she tried all kinds of wicks, wax compositions and scent combinations. Over the years, Charlies Candles grew into a house supplier to many brands, shops and companies.  We still uphold our values with which we started: design, quality and long-lasting fragrances for every customer. Big or small!

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Did your scented candle burn out?

Then you'll never have to throw it away again! At Charlies Candles, you can have burnt-out luxury scented candles refilled. Thanks to our production expertise, we can also refill scented candles from other brands. This way, we all do our bit for the environment, and for your wallet.

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