SIBERIAN SHADOWS 200g Scented Candle
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100% natural wax from sunflowers and olive oil.
Eco-friendly, durable wick.
Premium fragrance oil from Grasse, France.


Experience the mysterious allure of Siberianforests with this scented candle. The darkgreen hue embodies the deep and densewoods of the region. The fragrance, with itsblend of cedar, sandalwood, and fir balsam,evokes a sense of darkness and tranquility.

Top notes: Texas Cedar - Amber - Sandalwood
Heart notes: Pine - Cedar - Fir Balsam
Base notes: Sandalwood - Patchouly - Amber
Overall notes: Cedar - Sandalwood

Glass colour: KHAKI GREEN
50 hours

Sunflower wax and olive oil.
iso e super, bacdanol

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20.66 € VAT Included

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Collectie:Earth Collection
Colour:Dark green

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